Monday, May 10, 2010

Leaders we do not deserve

In a few minutes, the family is going to the precincts for the historic automated Philippine elections. It's also my first time to vote, and I'm excited to finally take part in this democratic exercise.

Over breakfast, I finalized my list of candidates and put it in writing. I've had the greatest difficulty choosing from the local candidates. I hardly knew their platforms, and the internet wasn't helping either.

Just a few thoughts, derived mostly from a Sunday preaching:

My schoolmate Anjo Bagaoisan was right in saying, "While it can get physical and psychological, this election is more than a battle of flesh and blood. It is a war fought too in the spiritual, by people who know that One greater than our squabbles and ambitions is in control of things."

After all, the Bible is clear in saying that God appoints the rulers of nations (Romans 13:1) to bring about His blessing or judgment.

The history of Israel shows that God disciplined His sinful people by appointing leaders who were godless, corrupt, and selfish.  The people deserved that because of the multitude of their sins. We can say the same thing about our nation.

But let's not underestimate the grace of God. Grace means undeserved favor. Today, may God grant us leaders we do not deserve.



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