Sunday, April 12, 2009

Taken: Day Two and Three

Again, here's a barrage of photos.

Manong Ralph and Koji during the group dynamics. Group leaders weren't supposed to give verbal instructions during the drill, so their mouths were taped.

We were all asked to remove our footwear for the activity.

The drill was simple, really: all of us in the group (we were about 20, give or take) were to step on a blanket. We had to turn the blanket upside down while being on the blanket. We weren't allowed to step on the floor; otherwise, we'd have to repeat the process all over again.

Kuya Lito exhorted us to examine ourselves whether we have indeed been taken by the Lord Jesus Christ, a wonderful way to end the retreat.


From ESNA Building (where the ministry center is), we Amazing Raced to a house in Scout Gandia. The trek left us all breathless, but there was always the option of jumping into the pool at the end of the journey. I'm afraid I don't have photos for this, but I'll be posting a link as soon as somebody posts them in the web.

UPDATE (April 17): More photos here and here. (HT: Koji and Kuya Moncie)



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