Thursday, April 23, 2009

22 on 22

I'm twenty-two, and people around me, including myself, still think I don't quite look the part.

This birthday's special—not in the sense that all birthdays are—but because, well, I'm turning 22 on the 22nd of April. Let me quote Jaylord's text to me: "Happy 22nd birthday on the 22nd minute of the 22nd day of April." That doesn't happen every day.

Twenty-two is neither old nor young. It is mature—rather, maturing. These years of life are crucial in forming the man I would become. Every time, I must evaluate myself if I'm pursuing the things that Christ pursues, if I remember God in all the things I do (Ecclesiastes 12:1).

It fills me with a sense of wonder at the examples of godly men in the Bible, especially of Paul, with his declaration that all things are rubbish compared to the surpassing value of knowing Christ (Philippians 3:8). He invested his life for godly pursuits, suffered and was shamed for it, but he emerged joyful and victorious for the Lord. How I wish I could say the same things for myself!

I'd like to thank friends who greeted me by way of calls, texts, emails, and personal messages. Your messages really warmed my heart, and I thank the Lord for you!

For those who have clearly forgotten, I can't blame you: I'm probably worse at remembering birthdays. And I'm not mad, not at all—but you had better get ready to treat me when I see you.

Oh, I'm thinking of making weekly diptychs to commemorate my 22nd year on earth. I hope I have enough resources to pull that off.



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