Monday, September 1, 2008


The winners of the Ramon Magsaysay Awards, the Nobel Prize of Asia, have just been announced. Among them is Grace Magno Padaca, current Isabela governor, who has been handed the prize for government service.

In an Inquirer article, she said, “Breakthroughs and victories against ‘oppressive political structures’ need to be encouraged and supported to be replicated.” Gov. Padaca came into the limelight after toppling the Dy family’s political grip in the province that spanned 30 years.

Gov. Padaca’s speech should therefore come as a reminder. We don’t sit back and look at our politics like television shows. We participate, air our views, and stand for the truth. We don’t shoo away news of corrupt government practices, we pray for our leaders and for our nation.

We think we have already won by toppling our corrupt, incapable leaders. That, in a way, is prematurely declaring we’ve won the war when we’ve only won a battle.


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