Friday, September 5, 2008

Off to Banahaw

I'm off to Dolores, Quezon Province tomorrow. A friend asked my why. I said the reason's personal. I want a day off somewhere far so I could think things over. I was kidding, of course. It's a field trip.

The subject is PI 100. In UP, that's the equivalent of Rizal 101. Anything and everything about Jose Rizal. I thought I was going to get bored. In high school, I only read the summary of each chapter of Noli and Fili. In college, it'd be the same old grind. Apparently, I was wrong. PI turned out to be among the best classes I've had in UP.

And tomorrow, the class is going to the mountains. We're visiting the Rizalistas, a cult movement that calls Jose Rizal a god. I don't know much about them, except that they live in Banahaw and their women really have long hair.

I'll be climbing my way to the top of the Banahaw. I hope I don't slip and knock my head off. I can't afford to collapse, so I'm crossing my hands that nothing of the sort happens. We'll stay there for two days. Dr. Ocampo warned us there wasn't enough water for taking a bath. I wonder how I'd smell when I get back.

I need all the sleep I can get, so off I go.


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