Saturday, August 23, 2008

The week that was

I woke up with a very light feeling this morning. The week is over. Let me summarize what happened:

Wednesday morning: I proceeded with my Undergraduate Seminar despite the heavy rain. A couple of hours before my lecture, Dianne Deauna sent me an encouraging message, “Cheer up, Dear! Even thunder and lightning won't stop you.” Other people also wished me well by text and comments in my Multiply. My other friends who had classes or had exams told me they would pray for me. I thank the Lord because my talk went well. I was able to squeeze a mouthful of information in 25 minutes, and the questions were not as hard as I'd expected them to be.

Wednesay night: Hazel Baconga celebrated her 20th birthday at Dencio's in Trinoma. I was hesitant to come because I had an exam the day after, but she was insistent. So I thought, I'd drop by for an hour then fly away. The food was overflowing. I also got to meet many of her high school friends and a lot of MBB people. (It was also Jac Libatique's birthday, but I got the invitation from Paul Balite late. Anyway, happy birthday, Jacky-Wacky.)

Thursday: Long laboratory exam. I hadn't prepared well for it, but God's grace was overflowing. Arielle Sulit offered to email me the reviewer she made, and that helped me a great deal. It was also Juanchi Pablo's birthday, and there was supposed to be a surprise party concocted by his long-time friend Wegs Pedroso. After eating dinner, I rushed to church for the weekly Youth Workers' Cell. Kuya Lito expounded on Nehemiah 4. I was reminded that we must expect opposition when we do God's will. That night, Ate Rae Rivera and Kuya Moncie Casas, both very much in love, gave me a ride back home.

Friday: We in LMCB (Laboratory of Molecular and Cell Biology) went out to Timezone in Trinoma. We had dinner at Tokyo Tokyo where I consumed four—that's four—cups of rice. Ate Xy-za and Myka treated us to games and videoke. Kuya Francis beat me in a game of Air Hockey despite his having an arm fracture.

As I look back at the week, I remember what Dr. Laura David reminded us in class: each week we must do something different—like eat in another restaurant, or visit a different bookstore, or go to places we've never visited before—so that our lives will be dotted with unique, unforgettable happenings.


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