Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dancing without the music

Dancing has never been my gift, but, as I look at the performers, I realize some people just do it well. Dressed in yellow shirts—an X-ray crystallographic image of the DNA in front and the words “Sexy, Brainy, Hottie” at the back—my friends dance to the music. Just about the time the performance reaches its climax, the CD player is unplugged, the dancers on-stage are caught unawares, and the MBB crowd—our teachers, lab mentors, classmates, friends—howls in dismay. “What happened?” Yet, the dancers remain uperturbed. The routine continues, just as what had been rehearsed a while back, and, in lieu of the music, the crowd sings the tunes instead. At the end of the day, MBB emerges as the champions. After all these years, finally—a gold.

Dance of jubilation

Winner? Oo, kami 'yun!

Signature oblation pose


(Photos by Kino)



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