Friday, June 27, 2008

Paul Velasco has left for good

The last time I saw Paul Velasco in person was a couple of weeks ago. He came back to get his transcript of records.

I met him as he was queuing at PNB to withdraw cash from the ATM. After weeks of not seeing him, he didn't change much. Paul still had the bulging tummy, hairy legs, and that face people mistook for Brad Pitt's.

“Kumusta ka na, Paul?” I asked.

“Mag-mimigrate na kami sa New Zealand. By the end of June or start of July,” he said.

The news stunned me. Though I had it coming—Paul's parents have gone to work in Wellington since we were in third year—it was difficult to swallow the news. Paul was leaving us for good.

That day, he treated me to Figaro, in the College of Home Economics' Tea Room, where he used to have his practicum during his college days.

After many kumustahans, we had to part ways. My mice were waiting for me in the lab; he had other friends to meet.

I think the last words I said to him were, “Read your Bible and pray everyday.”

Wherever he is right now, I know the Lord's hand is keeping him. I just hope that, even if we don't ever see each other again (at least in this life), I would receive some news that Paul is growing in his faith and love for Jesus Christ. I hope he finds a church that will nurture him spritually. I hope he continues to fellowship with other Christians, and someday, find a faithful, mature believer for a wife.

I'm terribly saddened by his leaving. The last time I had this feeling was when Jef left for the States for good.

And I'd wish he'd call us, his friends, once in a while, so he could greet us with his newly-acquired New Zealand twang.


Blogger rokirode said...

awww, kuya paul. i wish we'd met before he left.

Fri Jul 04, 09:19:00 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lance! God bless!

Wed Jul 09, 07:20:00 PM GMT+8  

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