Monday, April 7, 2008

How I went about my first time in La Salle

It was my first time in La Salle yesterday. The greenery—and I’m not talking about the trees—was overwhelming. In one of the buildings, the photos of the alumni/ae with funny hairstyles flanked the walls. In a way, the feeling of walking in a corridor filled with smiling people in black-and-white photos creeped me out—anytime, they could jump out of the frame and kick me in the butt.

I was loitering in the lobby when Monchi said, “Lance, nakita mo na si Lucio Tan?”

“May picture siya dito?”

Then Monchi took me to the exact spot where Lucio Tan, the Philippines’ richest man, was smiling, ready to claim fame and fortune and the Philippine Airlines years after he would graduate. If not for the name below the portrait, I wouldn’t have recognized him. Age does something to people.


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