Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Lord shall choose for me

Open my grade school yearbook and look for the little boy with the huge smile. That’s me. Now read what’s written below the black-and-white portrait, and you’ll find a line encapsulating my utter cluelessness about what I’d be in the future. Unlike my classmates who wanted to be priests, businessmen, teachers, astronauts, and pilots, I wanted to be a scientist, a doctor, and a lawyer. Believe me, I listed all three. That made me the most ambitious boy in the batch—but whenever I think of it, it’s better to dream big than not dream at all.

I’m currently in college, and in a year, I’ll be marching to get my diploma. You can say I’ve reached a fork in the road, the spot where I have to choose where I’d go, because if I don’t, I’d go nowhere. It’s overwhelming. Choosing one career path over the others means I can never pursue the others—at least, not in the near future. But who am I to tell, right? After all, if I’d go further, maybe the roads will converge, in one way or the other.

But in the midst of this cluelessness that would otherwise make me anxious, I’m eternally grateful to the Lord because I know—I just know—that He knows what’s best for me. Like a father, He will guide me through this. And so, I’m reminded by the song in church that goes:

The Lord shall choose for me
‘Tis better far I know
So let Him bid me go or stay.

Should I go to med school, Lord? I know that You have the answer.



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