Friday, March 21, 2008

What do you do when someone collapses in front of you?

She was drenched in sweat--the girl who collapsed in front of me this afternoon.

It happened in front of Ipil while I was taking some time by myself. Out of nowhere, a girl dressed in a thick, red jacket, jeans and slippers, came to the bench where I was. She begged me for help. "Kuya, tulungan niyo po ako. Mahihimatay na po ako. Madilim na po ang paningin ko." Her voice was pained, and she looked terrible: her hair in a state of chaos, her hands twitching, her knees about to give up. Moments later, she was splattered all over the place.

I asked for her name. Thank God she was still reponsive!

"Katrina," she said.

"Okay, dito ka lang, I'll go call for help." I looked around. There wasn't a soul in sight. I was hoping a taxi would pass by so I could take her to the Infirmary myself. But there was none, so I came back to her and asked her where she was before she collapsed.

"May mga kilala po ako doon sa may Sundial [in the College of Engineering]. Mga groupmates ko po. Nag-field work kami," she said.

I ran to the place she where she pointed me to go and saw three people with measuring devices. "May kilala ba kayong Katrina?" I asked them. They said yes. "Hinimatay siya. Kailangan siyang dalhin sa Infirmary. Bilisan niyo."

Imagine the sheer drama of the moment, which felt like it was a scene shot for a movie.

During all the commotion, I was praying for her. When she came to me, a part of me wanted to leave her alone. But I thought that Jesus would never do that. He would go the extra mile to help others, and that's what He tells us to do: to love others as ourselves.

The problem was that I clearly didn't have the muscles to carry her all the way to the clinic, even if I had a liter of adrenalin in my bloodstream.Clearly it was God who intervened to help her.

What a wonderful way of spending a lazy afternoon on Good Friday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was touching Lance. God bless you.

Sun Mar 23, 11:57:00 PM GMT+8  

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