Thursday, March 20, 2008


Where have all the people gone?

There's hardly a soul walking around campus these days, save for weary dormers dreaming of their homes two thousand miles away.

The silence is almost deafening.


I spent the day with friends from UP SOCCSKSARGEN for the sem planning. This morning, though, we had a little emergency. Katrina had an allergic attack probably because of an insect bite. She had rashes all over, so we rushed her to the Infirmary. Praise be to God because she got well immediately after taking the meds. We resumed the planning as soon as she got out that afternoon. A tough cookie...that girl.

I'd like to spend half the day tomorrow in a mini-retreat. May the Spirit quicken my heart in reading His Word. May I be reminded of the sufferings of Christ, my utter sinfulness, and God's amazing love.


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