Saturday, February 23, 2008

Katipunan rallies

As I passed by Katipunan yesterday, I saw students from Miriam and Ateneo rallying in front of their schools. Their protest didn't exactly cause a traffic jam, but my friends and I saw that cars had a hard time getting through the immense vehicular density. It was nothing like any UP rally, I tell you. The banners were printed in tarpaulin. No angry shouting (at least from where I was). No burning of effigies. No red streamers. However, there was the simple plea to uphold the truth, and that, to me, made the event worthwhile.

The cars blew their horns in affirmation as they passed by (or through), especially when the drivers saw banners pledging support for NBN-ZTE Deal star witness Jun Lozada.

It wasn't anger; it was joyful hope that I saw in their faces. But why are they so happy? Maybe they believe that someday, the truth will be unmeshed, the liars will be exposed, and the guilty will be punished.

The high people in Malacanang must be getting very worried.


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