Big deal

api vaLentines day! was the text message that jolted me out of my sleep this morning.

In class, my classmate Boom wore a shirt (or a dress—I don’t know) printed with hearts all over. I told her she was oozing with the Valentine Fever. To this she laughed, like she always does. I said, “I have a feeling that if, today, you had a chicken pox, the spots on your skin would look like hearts.” She laughed. Heartily.

My lady friends were complaining they didn’t have dates for the day. I wondered why they were making a big fuss about it.

I heard the term, Single Awareness Day, mentioned a million times. Sure, I’m single, but do I have to celebrate the day when my awareness of that otherwise trivial fact becomes so great I am no longer thinking of other things but that?

In this week’s issue of the Collegian, a love poem was published that was supposedly addressed to some Richmond G. I have a friend named Richmond Goce. Harrassed, he insisted it wasn’t for him but for someone else. A Richmond Garci, perhaps?

The traffic at North Avenue was terrible when Es, JP, Shean, and I went to Trinoma for dinner. The restaurants were packed. I saw a gazillion people holding hands while walking. I felt like melted cheese on a pizza—which was what we ate. I was surprised the pizza wasn’t shaped like a heart.

Until today, I didn’t realize that people actually make a big deal out of Valentine’s. But if they really want to show their undying love that transcends universes, why not show it everyday?


  1. It was a pleasant surprise to see you yesterday at Trinoma Kuya Lance :)

  2. @flordeline: Oo gani; it was great seeing you after all these years. Of all places, sa Trinoma pa! :D

  3. Showing valentine's everyday... is expensive :p HAHAHAHA! ~poy

  4. @paul: I'm sure those art paper cut outs of hearts don't cost much. :D


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