Friday, December 28, 2007


I missed watching the Federer-Sampras matches when they were shown on cable last November. Too bad I had no tv. But thanks to Youtube, I got to see some of it anyway.

Yesterday, though, their Seoul match was aired on tv. Man, I miss Pete Sampras. His hair’s receding now. He used to be the Roger Federer of his time, the world number one of tennis, winner of numerous grand slam titles, before he resigned five years ago.

Roger Federer was great in court, too. Commentators call him the best tennis player who’s ever lived. He’s quick, smart, strong—and he’s just as passionate and soft-spoken as Pete.

Federer beat Sampras, of course: 6-4, 6-3. But it wasn’t an easy win for the Fed. Clearly, he had to improve his service receptions. Sampras scored a lot because of aces—he still has got it.

The match was amazing. Two of the best tennis players in history played each other. Surprisingly, there was no pressure—only hearty laughter from the crowd and the two of them. Sampras looked like the older brother teaching Federer some moves he needed to learn.

O, it was good, heart-warming tennis.



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