Monday, December 17, 2007

A Christ-centered Christmas

1. We in YCF ministered to the street kids in UP more than a week ago. We had games, food, and gospel sharing sessions in Sunken Garden. The kids were very participative—some were harder to control, but they immediately listened the moment we asked them. The kids in my group asked relevant questions like “Lahat po ba ng simbahan ay tama?” (Are all churches teaching the truth?). We later handed out colorful bracelets whose colors represented an element in the gospel message. We were certainly blessed.

2. In Higher Rock’s Youth Fellowship, we ministered to kids in Barangay Payatas. We also had games. We presented a skit that was related to the gospel, which Kuya Lito followed up with a brief message. Meanwhile, a lot of us were able to share the gospel to people there even before the program started.

3. We had our Family Day in Higher Rock. The presentations were awesome! We in the Youth presented a choral medley. We sang songs like “A Mighty Fortress is Our God,” “Raise Up an Army, O God,” and “We Have Seen God’s Glory.”

4. My friends invited me over to the Diliman Campus Bible Church’s Christmas Cantata. It’s something I look forward to every year. The title was “One Choice, One Voice This Christmas.” It was an exhortation to choose Christ and to worship Him with one voice, especially this season.

5. Koji Bulahan, a friend from church, wrote this inspiring entry about how he shared the gospel to people while he was stuck in heavy traffic. It's must-read!

Why did I write this list? To exhort you to celebrate Christ this Christmas.


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