Monday, July 31, 2006

The second time around

(Please click on the pictures to view full size).

I stare blankly at the computer monitor as it reveals its pixellated interpretation of my momentary insanity. As my sweaty palm moistens the creaking mouse, I scramble for ideas, for graphic pictures taken from reality.

Then it hits me, "Draw what pleases you."

So here, friends, is the second batch of the Bottled Doodle Art that I've started making last night.

This morning during brunch, Juanchi told me he'd do a portrait of me, too. A lack of originality on his part, really, because Jean and Dianne have already done such amazing masterpieces of me last night (hahaha). Anyway, I said, "Yes. But make sure I look good, I must have my beard (or moustache, whatever it's called)." I demonstrated the pose he ought to imitate--that of a thinking man because, friends, though I may not look like I'm doing it, I do think.

Anyway, thanks so much, Juanchi for this shockingly, morbidly, and handsomely made portrait of me, which, because of its accuracy and resemblance to reality, is now my favorite:

I also did Carlo's face. Pareng Carlo. If he doesn't look like he's going to crush you with his hand when he sees so much as a smirk on your face, if he doesn't look like he's going to burst into songs when he listens to music, if he doesn't look tall in this portrait, then something must be wrong with it.


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