Sunday, July 30, 2006

Call it post-exam syndrome

I do YM conversations with my lab partners and classmates while making lab reports, something which we submit almost daily. Lab reports have become an integral part of our lifestyles. Like breathing. However, tonight was different because for the first time in history, I was inspired to make sketches of my blockmates using the powerful tool called Yahoo Doodle.

It started with Jean--uhm, Claire, rather. I'm afraid I wasn't able to save the drawing; I had erased it uknowingly. However, Claire made a sketch of me in return. Here it is:

I also made a sketch of Juanchi, my lab partner since Chem 26.1. I wanted to project a manly, ultra-muscular figure, as my friend is taking a course in weight-lifting under a notorious instructor.

Then, I also did Josephine's (okay, Dianne) face. Notice the earrings in the form of benzene. She was making her postlab:

In return, she made this sketch of me; note the highly-defined nose, something that doesn't necessarily exist in real life:

Finally, I did Wegs's face. I asked her what hair color she liked; said pink, but I had already started coloring it green. So I decided to make highlights of red instead (which is a darker red). Now she looks like Rogue in X-men, but only with thicker lipstick.

So there it is. The next time I talk to you in Yahoo Messenger, beware. Your faces could get murdered like this, and worse, published in a website.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lance, do me one too! Haha. :D If you still remember my face, that is.

Tue Aug 01, 01:19:00 AM GMT+8  

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