Saturday, April 29, 2006

First time to use Picasa

I've been introduced to Picasa (a photo organizer program) ages ago, but I only used it now.

The orange was given to me by Schubert during his birthday. I was waiting outside the physics laboratory when I heard my stomach grumble. I texted him, "Schubs, happy birthday. Bring me some food. Thanks."

Rey, my roommate, referring to this exquisite piece of fruit, later that night told me, "Ang sarap, Lance. Saan n'ya (Schubert) binili 'to?"

I asked Schubert the same question when I saw him the next day. He said, "Di ko alam. Binigay lang din s'akin 'to. Haha."

The quest for the orange tree has begun.


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