Monday, April 17, 2006

Christ, our treasure

More than the fun I had in Kuya Don’s house in Pasig was the Church’s Youth Summer Camp I attended. For the first time, I’ve been to Tagaytay, with some 80 other young people. The camp theme was Finding the Real Treasure based on the Parable of the Hidden Treasure in Matthew 13: 44.

I’ve realized finally that Jesus Christ is the real Treasure. His worth is untraceable and unfathomable, because human intellect cannot fully comprehend Him (Eph 1:18). I suppose we shall spend eternity unfathoming the riches of Christ. Christ Himself is the unsearchable wealth! He is the source of true wisdom, especially that which leads to salvation (Ps 112:7). He is also the source of our righteousness. Without Him, we’ll never be able to stand before a holy God (Job 9:2). He has also given us the Holy Spirit who sanctifies us to holiness and Christ-likeness (Gal 5: 16 – 17, 1 Cor 15: 51 – 53). Aside from these, He is the source of life (Jn 6:25), rest (Mt 11:28), peace (Jn 14:27), joy (Jn 16: 24), contentment (Phil 4: 11 – 13), and an imperishable inheritance in heaven (1 Pt 1:3 – 5).

This fact is also worth meditating: the man bought the field and not the treasure. The value of the treasure was infinitely greater than the value of the field. In the same manner, depraved men can never earn their salvation through good works. Men are saved only by the grace of God (Eph 2:8).

The man also sold all he had to buy the field. I’ve come to realize that when we sell all to Christ, we’re actually repenting. Repentance is a 180-degree turn from sin. We must not only sell our sins, but our self-righteousness as well (Mk 10:31).



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