Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine feeevaaaah

I’m not such a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. I think it’s just one of those dreary, ordinary days that, sadly, people think special—the day when one can, in the most creative and mushiest manner, show (or show off) his love for another person.

But if this is the case, and if this is the reason for the celebration, then perhaps we might as well celebrate it everyday. Wouldn’t the world become a better place to live in if people actually do show their love for one another everyday and not wait for Feb 14 to become loving?

But I write this because I’m bitter—NAAAH. Of course not. That could not possibly happen. The impossibility is like discovering a magnetic monopole (I’m applying my Physics concepts here, ladies and gentlemen). Would you really think of me as the kind of person who’d be shattered without a date?

So anyway, let me tell you how I’ve spent my February 14.

It all started with my meditation on Meeting Life’s Demands. I read Psalm 118: 1- to 18. I’ve been reminded that God is our strength, our song and our salvation. He is able to deliver us from the difficult experiences of life.

And then my Math class. Feb 14 happens to be Noelizza de Leon’s birthday (the world’s population growth must peak during Valentine’s because I know many who were born on such day), so I excitedly greeted her when I entered the classroom. When Sir Chris Santos finally came, I yelled (at the top of my lungs), “Noelizza, happy birthday!” Sir must’ve heard me because he grinned, then said, “Sige, dahil birthday n’ya, magkukwiz [is this how it’s spelled?] tayo.” Thankfully, we didn’t.

We now move on to Physics. Ma’am Jaki gave us a short quiz. The instruction was to enumerate five electromagnetic waves and their applications to our everyday lives. One of my answers was visible light—for illumination and photosynthesis. And then it hit me: do I actually photosynthesize?

Next in line is my Bio lecture class. While Dr. Jacinto, my wonderful professor, was checking attendance (with the seat plan written on a folder and all tha’ jazz), a Korean classmate, H.K., suddenly rushed to her, gave her a chocolate candy on a stick, and there and then, I saw Ma’am beam with glee. The entire class laughed at this display of sweetness. I told Juanchi, “Sana tayo rin.”

We immediately proceeded to Bio lab. We had a move-type exam—identification of a frog’s skeleton—and I was so disappointed because I didn’t get glenoid fossa right. Why, oh why, didn’t I get the glenoid fossa? It was “glenoid fossa” which my lips uttered over and over again just yesterday, and I didn’t get it when it was shown to me. Hahaha.

The climax of this novel-length entry is the dissection. I spent my Valentine’s dissecting the poor frog (whom I wanted to name Kero-keropi but forgot to tell Wegs about it), skinning him, bathing him in formalin, and pointing at his muscles. And I’m not even sure if the frog is a he or she.

After class, Noelizza invited me to a dinner with our other friends at Treehouse (in UP ISSI). It was a hearty meal: I ate like a pig because the food was soooo delicious.

Valentine’s Day isn’t so stupid, after all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lance, if you'd went to sleep a little bit later, you would have witnessed the kalokohan we did last night.

We gave roses to 36 "chosen" guys with a bible verse attached to it. Well, 36 dapat but others weren't present so less than 36 lang ang nakareceive sang rose. I think Es was supposed to give you your rose. Or was it Loulou? The whole thing was Ate Pat's (who I came to know only last, last night) idea.

I wanted to keep my rose; it was too pretty. Haha! Kunyari may naghatag (mapagpanggap!).

The gimmick was okay actually. But I wish we didn't have to sing such a cheesy song. D'you know Celine Dion's Because You Loved Me? We actually serenaded the guys with that for all of Yakal to see (and hear). Haha!

Wed Feb 15, 10:23:00 PM GMT+8  

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