Sunday, October 2, 2005

Whining and complaining

My inbox is cluttered with emails from e-groups of which I am part of, reminding me from time to time of the fundamental concept of entropy or disorderliness. If I have time, which by the way occurs pretty rarely nowadays, I'd read everything, even the stupid forwarded messages that I've received more than five times already. "Don't these people remember that they've sent me the message I had sent them yesterday?," I'd ask myself.

But there has been a lot of buzz in my high school's e-group, and I thought it a pity not to join the conversation. My classmates, studying in different parts of the country, in different schools, with different courses, have been ranting about the difficulties of their college lives.

Genesis, for one, studies Nursing in Davao. She tells us that her clinical instructors are giving her and the rest of her class a hard time. She has to study this big book on pharmacology, and she has to memorize everything.

My classmates in NDMU are likewise experiencing such horrible times. I can almost imagine them whining in complaints.

Here at UP, my classmates Shean and Vanessa tell me that they already feel battered--not with paddles that fratmen use in hazing--but with the tedious requirements they have to submit or present. I've heard Shean talk of the sleepless nights she has experienced just so she could finish her MPs (machine prolems). Vanessa has had her share of sleepless nights as well, preparing day after day for her BA 99.1, a tough accounting course, so she could pass it with flying colors--except of course that it's hard to accomplish that because the passing is 60%.

Hours from now, when I open my Gmail before I go to bed, I'd be amused by their continual complaints that seem to have no end.


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wow! bago rin! ba't ang daming nagbabago ng template! anyway, nice blog!
and may God remain your source of strength, especially in these troubled times. ",)

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