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Storms and rains that come our way

Rain has been pouring incessantly for the past two days here in Koronadal. My house--with all its windows and open spaces--is perfect for sleep, and who wouldn't think it like that when the air is so cool it could practically drowse you to sleep like a, uhm, sleeping pill.

I had once told a couple of my friends last year, "I've never experienced a real storm. Hindi talaga binabagyo s'amin."

I really felt it a shame in not having been able to relate with their stories of cancelled classes because of Bagyong Rosing and their concrete understanding of what Signal No. 3 really meant.

"What?" They must have thought it unfair. Many families in their provinces(I praise God they weren't included in the list)have been displaced and destroyed by the sky's outbursts of innumerable tears; power lines have been cut off; harvests have been ruined; businesses have been disrupted! "As in, no storm ever comes its way to your province?"

* * *

Jac sent me a chain email with horrifying yet spectacular pictures of Katrina, the Hurricane.

This is one of the pictures. It's worth a good look.


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  2. Lance,

    Storms are not something to trifle with. While you're thinking of classes being cancelled, think of those people who are left homeless.By then, you would rather have classes.

    Your dear brother.

  3. Hey, Lance! Enjoy your sembreak while it lasts. You'll dearly miss those long hours of restful sleep once classes start. Hehe.

    My requirements are getting more difficult. That's why I haven't updated my blog in two weeks. I'll try to post this weekend.

    Oh, if you want to get rid of those annoying ads, just turn on the word verification option on your dashboard. It worked for me, y'know. And you can delete unwanted comments too.

    Yun lang. :-) I'll write you soon. Say Hi to Manong for me.

  4. Hi Jef. Sige. I'll try to do that. Hindi ka naman nagpost sa blog mo, ah? :D

    Talaga? Pahirap na nang pahirap? Maybe that's really the pattern. They (the school, the teachers, et al) first make you think that everything's easyyy. Then, things become more difficult. :p

    Anyway, God bless you. Please pray for the DCF missions trip, too. I hear they're having a blessed time there.


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