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Christians and Twitter

I'm on Twitter. I use it for news, like an RSS feed. It is slowly becoming a lot like Facebook, which I avoid. Since last year, hardly a day has passed when I didn't ask if I should engage in social media at all. I'm on the brink of quitting entirely, but Read Mercer Schuchardt's article makes me rethink my social media usage.

All digital media favor and reward reaction over reflection. This is why you can't offer your perfect Tweet any time but right now. Thus, the best way to Tweet is to ask, “If I were to Tweet right now the thing I wished I'd said tomorrow morning, what would it be?”

Neil Postman suggested we relieve ourselves of the need to have an opinion on everything. Goethe's Twitter advice? “Every day one should at least hear one little song, read one good poem, see one fine painting and—if at all possible—speak a few sensible words.”


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Tarps and COVID-19

Saw this in my feed. So Pinoy in many respects:  the graduation photo the tarp with three fonts: Monotype Corsiva ("Congratulations"), Arial (the girl's name), and the serif below the papaya tree the use of the middle name the color scheme (pink in white) the iconic Philippine countryside It's the first time I'm hearing about Zarraga, some 16 km north of Iloilo City. Seems like a charming place to visit. Also COVID-free. 

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