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To Doctors Who Write on Spotify

Kuwentong Callroom

I sometimes listen to the Kwentong Callroom podcast on Spotify, that crazy show hosted by Ella and JB who have made a career out of talking about all things related to medicine and making sense of them. Ella Masayamor and JB Besa are doctors. Their friendly, laughter-ridden banter reminds me of slow, light, life-giving days in the call room—that small space one shares with one's companions in residency. The pressures of medical training can be crushing. The call room offers an oasis where one can decompress, rant, and share stories of victory and humiliation. 

When I shared the story of a consultant who called me stupid for ordering D-dimer for a severely ill patient with leptospirosis (I shouldn't have), the response I got was laughter. I laughed with them and at myself. What fun to have other people, who go through the same challenges as you, get what you mean. To be heard and better yet, laughed at, can be encouraging. That's why I enjoy Kuwentong Callroom so much. We must have sounded like this, too, but Ella and JB have, for the last two years, taken the form to a whole new level, sharing it with the rest of the world, sharing their wisdom and wealth of experiences. 

I enjoyed the episode, To Doctors Who Write. Written in the show notes are the words:
In the spirit of demystifying and humanizing medicine, doctor-writers Joti and Will tell us how they started writing, how they found their voice, and how writing helps them become better doctors.

Joti Tabula is a poet, publisher, and talent scout, with a nose for literary gift among doctors. He founded the Philippine Society for Literature and Medicine and leads the Committee on Humanities of the Philippine College of Physicians, with Dr. Noel Pingoy. Will Liangco is the award-winning writer of Even Ducks Get Liver Cancer, one of the most popular books in the country. His work got a National Book Award recently. Both are so talented and fun to be with. You'll hear them talk with Ella and JB in this wonderful episode

A few months ago, I was with Joti and Will, those two literary superstars, in Cebu during a writing workshop for medical oncologists. 


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