Friday, February 9, 2024

The research adviser!

Consultation with Group 4

I usually meet with my research advisees on Friday nights, via Zoom, while wearing pajamas. Two groups asked me to advise them in their clinical research topics. They're wonderful. These meetings last for no more than 30 minutes. Much of the work happens in Google Docs, where I make suggestions for line edits. They approve my suggestions, address my comments, and, hopefully give me some pushbacks, too. Ellaine's group sent me a strong first draft of their research proposal, which delighted me. The group has been hard at work. I can confirm it because there are always new edits in the live document. 

During the Zoom session, I'd ask a group member to summarize the key points of these meetings, since it's easy to lose track of the edits that had been agreed upon. Nurhana, of Group 4, emailed me an update recently, and I was pleasantly surprised that my photo was included. Nakapangbalay na and ready to hit the hay after the Zoom call. 

If I don't show up in parties, this is what I'm probably doing. Or maybe I'm just watching Apple TV's Slow Horses, which is apparently a book series!



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