Sunday, July 2, 2023

Typecast 8: Erika!

Like I said, I'm finding myself falling, intentionally, into a rabbit hole. The Erike Weinrich typewriter, a gorgeous machine from Germany, arrived, greeting me as soon as I had arrived from Manila. (I had a quick meeting in Mandaluyong last Friday night.)


The key arrangement is different. Instead of the usual QWERTY, what this machine has is QWERTZ, likely because it's German-made. Sadly, the Adler Junior, which also arrived yesterday, had some defects and the carriage wouldn't move. The damage must have happened during transport. I spoke with Sir Gerald, the wonderful Quiapo-based craftsman, who offered to repair it.

I tried it out right away, and here's the first page. 

Erika Weinrich, first page

Typecast 8: Erika



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