Saturday, June 3, 2023

Week in glasses

Week in glasses

I started wearing glasses since I was 14 years old. I collected my spectacles and never discarded them. One day I opened my box where I crammed those pieces and realized I had a collection. I would change my prescription lenses as I grew older but my grado stabilized five years ago. There's been a slight worsening of astigmatism, but nothing too dramatic. Most of my glasses are cheap but durable. For instance, the brown frame (right) cost me 4 euros (Php 250). I call it the Librarian—something old librarians wore in the past. I got it from the flea market in Montmartre, beside the Sacré-Coeur, from a nice Frenchman who gave me a discount. The trick is to ask for a discount, then, if the seller refuses, one must feign disinterest and proceed to walk away. A compromise will be reached, and one goes home happy. 

In Marbel, a colleague complimented me for wearing the Librarian. She asked where I got it, and I may have given the wrong impression when said, "In Paris." I should have added: "Sa ukay-ukay.



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