Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Fountain pen by an Ilonggo craftsman

Here's an elegant fountain pen handcrafted by Nonoy Vallejo, an Ilonggo craftsman who specializes in wood. His works were on display during an oncology convention. The pen has a medium iridium nib that writes smoothly. The body and cap are made from a 100-year old molave wood repurposed from an old house in the city. His charming wife is from Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat—which is almost an extension of Marbel. Kasimanwa ko. They lived for a few years in Davao. I fall for stories like those and bought pen right away. 

I asked Nonoy about his motivations for making fountain pens. His wife loved pens and calligraphy, but the pens manufactured abroad could be expensive. Why shouldn't he make one to please his wife? He was good with his hands and had a knack and interest in woodworking. He gradually learned the craft of fountain pen making. I suppose he made his wife happy and, figuring there was a market for these pens, decided to start a business. 

His pens, which bear artistry, history, and provenance, and which are really just good, working pens, could make great gifts. Some of his pens were sold out, but he's able to arrange for shipping. (You may purchase your pens from Nonoy, too. Visit his Facebook and Instagram and place your orders.)

More power to you, Nonoy!

Banwa pen

Banwa pen



Blogger Lia Myr said...

Hi Dok Lansoy, I know Nonoy Vallejo, He was my senior in UPV.

Wed May 03, 06:46:00 PM GMT+8  

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