Sunday, April 2, 2023

Going nowhere is going somewhere

Pico Iyer on the art of stillness:
Except, as you all know, one of the first things you learn when you travel is that nowhere is magical unless you can bring the right eyes to it. You take an angry man to the Himalayas, he just starts complaining about the food. And I found that the best way that I could develop more attentive and more appreciative eyes was, oddly, by going nowhere, just by sitting still. And of course sitting still is how many of us get what we most crave and need in our accelerated lives, a break. But it was also the only waythat I could find to sift through the slideshow of my experience and make sense of the future and the past.And so, to my great surprise, I found that going nowhere was at least as exciting as going to Tibet or to Cuba.

I'm not going anywhere for the long weekend. My travel plans got cancelled, perhaps for the better. I'll be staying at home, meditate on Christ's death and suffering, and find quiet moments for reading and writing. 

I also have a copy of Pico Iyer's book, Video Night in Kathmandu, where he writes about his travel to the Philippines. I might also read that.

What are your plans?



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