Sunday, October 16, 2022

Saturday reading

The Dead Complain of Their Burial

Was in Gensan the entire Saturday. During the two-hour break from a meeting, I walked to SM and bought five books, all on sale. Got myself a cup of coffee in a café and read a few chapters of Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall, a retelling of Sir Thomas Cromwell's life. It's one of those books that make me scratch my head with the gnawing question, "Why didn't I read this sooner?" Mantel died this year; she was a formidable literary talent. Was too absorbed with my reading when I realized that (a) I had 15 minutes left before the next meeting, and (b) it was pouring outside. I carried my books by hand and fit the smaller ones in my backpack. Got myself a tricycle that took me to the meeting venue. 

Book haul

(I ordered Gideon Lasco's The Philippines Is Not A Small Country online; it arrived in the mail yesterday.)

There was a dog inside the café who barked at passersby. Dogs are probably a lot like children: if they don't like you, you're likely a person with an evil heart. This dog liked me.

Dog inside the café

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