Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Moving out


After my week-long trip, Sean will have moved out of the house. All of a sudden, my kid brother, who's more mature than me in the practical ways of life, will no longer be a constant presence in the house. Among my brothers, he is the one who reminds me the most of Tatay. They share the same humor. They like constant company. They think of coming back as soon as they step out of the gate. They always bring back something—a loaf of bread or some random pasalubong—when they return. 

A few weeks ago, I joined him and the wonderful Hannah to look for an apartment, where they will start a new life. It is a few blocks away from St. Gabriel and is near the vet and our favorite car wash place. On cooler days, it is reachable by walking. There is ample parking space, with a wide view of the mountains that surround the valley. The street is quiet, since it leads to a cul de sac. Vehicular and foot traffic are minimal such that it offers a feeling of isolation from city life. 

I have an open invitation to visit anytime. Sean and Hannah have set up a comfortable cooking area where they can cook and grill—things I can never do, additional reasons why he will be missed. They will build a house of their own in due time. For now, the apartment will do. We are all excited for what the Lord has in store for them.


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Awww. See you all soon!

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