Saturday, January 1, 2022


I woke up to Paul's crying at 1 AM. I turned on the lights in the living room and, in my pajamas, went out to the garden to look for him. The night was dark but alive. I could hear fireworks and car horns from distant neighborhoods. I imagined families drinking beer with pulutan after a hearty salubong meal, enjoying the happy times, which, in the past years, have been few and far between.

Sean met me in the living room. Paul, tagging along with my brother, wagged his tail. I was surprised to see him in a playful mode; normally, by that time, he'd be curled up in the porch, relishing the coolness. He was in Sean's room all along, safe from the human noise and activity.

Nanay and Manong could not be bothered to wake up. Sean returned to bed, telling Paul, "Hindi magsinabad ha? Tulog na kita." Minutes later, I turned off the lights, went back to bed, and dreamt of an adventure I could no longer remember.

It is 2022. Praise be to God for His goodness and mercy. 

The Hiligaynon word for the day is bág'u. It means new.

Bàg’u (bago)
Ink: Diamine oxblood. Pen: Kaweco Student 70's Soul, medium nib. Paper: Muse Cahier d'Exercises (80 gsm, 5 mm dotted).



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