Sunday, December 5, 2021

December update

Woke up with discomfort at 2 am: borderline fever, a vague sense of fatigue, and some throat dryness. Side effects of Pfizer booster, 48 hours later. Queue was short in the hospital last Friday. When it was my turn, nurse Karen asked if I’d like my photo taken. I said, “Sure, as long as we’re in it together.” Dragged other people into the frame, so my small arm wouldn’t get all the attention.

Can’t remember my dream tonight, but it was comforting, not apocalyptic. Turned on the lights in the kitchen to make some coffee to warm my stomach. Should do me a bit of good. Fired up my old MacAir to write this in the dining table, my workspace these days. Might do some light reading to lull myself to sleep again, in time for Sunday worship later.

Paul still asleep in the porch outside. Paul, who has brought much joy and laughter to the house these past seven days. Paul, who sleeps, belly on the cold floor, most of the time. Paul, who now comes to us when we call his name—a derivative of the Hiligyanon, kumpol, because his tail is short. Still clueless what his breed his. Sean thinks he’s an aspin. Uncle Glenn and Auntie Net, who gave him to us, suspect he might have some German shepherd lineage. A friend from Gensan gave Paul to them. With three dogs already in the household, a fourth would be hard work. So Paul is with us now, the first canine we’ve adopted in so many years. 




Blogger Unknown said...

Oh, a puppy! I don't know why I was imagining a grown dog while reading your post. So cute! Hope he will have a long, happy, healthy life with your family.

Fri Dec 17, 11:00:00 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Unknown said...

PS More puppy pics, please! lol

Fri Dec 17, 11:00:00 AM GMT+8  

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