First public health campaign gig today

Speaking about breast cancer awareness this morning. Talk will be streamed via Facebook Live. Pleased and grateful to have the opportunity to promote breast cancer screening. Breast cancer, when detected and treated early, can potentially be curable. After the talk, family will go to my grandmother's house for a lunch party of sorts. The reason: it's the weekend.


  1. I miss family weekend lunches too Kuya Lance!

  2. I am slowly getting frustrated because I could not find the link to this talk! Hahahaha halong da Lance!

    1. Secret lang, Freddie! Hahaha! Na-Charo Santos Conscious na Conscious ako. There's nothing new sa ginhambal ko, nothing you haven't heard before.

  3. Uy, kaninong page? I've never heard any breast cancer talks before and it's relevant to me since I have an aunt who had it decades ago.


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