Tuesday, August 18, 2020

TWSBI Eco (White) is working now!

Image from page 6 of "English Review" (1916)

Sean fixed my first TWSBI Eco two days ago. Frustrated because I couldn't pull the stuck piston up, I retired the pen many years ago, previously condemned inside the plastic box I reserve for spare parts. I love TWSBI pens. Sturdy, charming, with a sizable ink capacity; they're also affordable. To make up for my "loss," I bought a Diamond AL 580 (1.1 mm stub) and, later, an Eco Rose Gold (medium nib). These pens have served me well. From time to time, however, I would open the plastic box and attempt the restoration of my original Eco, which I bought at the TY Lee Pen Store in Taipei. I used tweezers. I soaked the insides with silicone grease. My fingers hurt. I ended up doubly frustrated. 

Sean, a dentist/oral surgeon, loves to tinker with things. I tossed him the defective Eco. "Can you fix this?" I asked.

He opened his toolbox and got to work. He worked his magic. My Eco worked! It just needed a bit more lubrication.  In exchange, I gave him the Diamond 580 (I am downsizing; I don't need too many pens.) Pleased, he reminded me, "You should care for your pens, Manong."



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