Friday, April 26, 2019

Coffee and the Christian

The reason why I identify myself as a Christian is that the Christian worldview makes so much sense. It appeals both to reason and emotion. It offers a logical, comprehensive, and satisfying explanation as to why things happen the way they do. It does not shy away from miscellany—consider coffee and other caffeinated drinks, for example.

My morning reading was David Matthis's interesting essay on the Christian and caffeine.

The Scriptures do not mention caffeine, but they do give us all we need to observe, learn, and wisely decide how we, as Christians, can faithfully use (or abstain from) caffeine for the glory of Christ — namely, for our pursuit of Christ-exalting joy for ourselves and others. As with other powerful substances, whether naturally occurring in creation or stemming from human cultivation, God made us to search out the prudent, life-giving (rather than life-diminishing) use of his created world.

My first cup today was a kapeng barako given by a patient. I might have another cup during the day. Ma'am Cherith, who works at the Onco office, brews delicious coffee all day!


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