Monday, May 28, 2018


Still no words yet—we buried Tatay on Sunday morning—but there are many things I'm grateful for:

—Hearing my brothers and my mother give eloquent eulogies on Tatay's penultimate day before the funeral.

—Listening to tributes of his close friends who revealed hidden profiles of my father not apparent to us. My father's kindness and joy was something that they, too, will miss.

—The beautiful, gospel-centered preaching of Pastor Guilbert, who made use of the two nights and one day of funeral service as a series on the gospel, starting with sin, heaven, and how to be assured of one's salvation.

—Our church, Marbel Evangelical Fellowship, that hosted the funeral service. Our brothers and sisters in the faith have been sources of encouragement to us, demonstrating to us God's lovingkindness.


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