Saturday, February 3, 2018

Paradox Uganda is one of my favorite places in the web

The blog of Drs. Scott and Jennifer Mhyer is one of my happy places in the web—a paradox, in a sense, because not everything they write about are happy things. As Christian doctors, they've devoted their lives serving the underserved in Africa. They document their experiences in their website, Paradox Uganda.

They recently lost a patient to HIV. His name was A. They write about where the system failed and how A. could have been saved.

About halfway through the morning I walked into one of our isolation rooms and nearly stopped breathing. The 11 year-old boy I saw sitting there truly looked like a skeleton. His skin stretched taunt enough to see the shape of each bone. He greeted me in English and even smiled a little, and his mom said he'd had some mouth sores the last two weeks and lost a bit of weight because he wasn't eating, but now he was doing better. No one could look like that in two weeks. So over the next few days I learned his story.

More here.

Their lives are a source of encouragement to me. Let's pray for them and their ministry.

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