Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Background on The Crown, especially if you're a fan of the show

The Crown is the most expensive Netflix series to make. My family and friends love it, even those who don't care much for royalty. Prince Philip is, of course, my favorite character in the show—I find his political incorrectness hilarious. Who's yours?

Anyway, what will interest you is the BBC documentary, "The Coronation," which features a rare interview with Queen Elizabeth, now longest running monarch in history, whose recollection of her coronation was the fact that the crown was very heavy indeed.

The Crown Jewels, which is also shown in the documentary, is the only working European coronation regalia, and is considered the largest in the world.

Colour photo of the regalia published in 1952
Photo credit: United Kingdom Government - Illustrated magazine, 13 December 1952, p. 14 (via Wikipedia)

Update. The Youtube video is now blocked. Sorry.



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