Monday, August 7, 2017

In a sea of surgeons

I was in Hong Kong for four days to present a paper at an Asia-Pacific Urology conference, making me and Jay Magbojos the only internists in a sea of surgeons. We took some time off to explore Hong Kong, this trip being my second time—never mind the fact that I still can't figure out the locals' English accent, if they care to speak English at all.

Vintage posters of Mao and other Chinese ladies line the streets near the Sheung Wan MTR. We figured this out because my friend and elementary-college schoolmate Trisha Moustafa, now based in Hong Kong, took us around her favorite city spots on our last day.

Mao and other Chinese ladies

Colorful murals make the buildings look Instagrammable.

Sheung Wan

The trip won't be complete without trips to the night markets, this one near the Jordan MTR. I don't enjoy shopping, but I like sampling street food in the area. I'm a huge fan of sugarcane juice, usually sold here for 30 HK dollars.

Yau Tsim Mong, near Jordan MTR

We also visited the Hong Kong Museum of History, where we visited the exhibition, "The Hong Kong Story."

Chinese opera

I'm quite tired from the trip, but I was refreshed, what with the extremely efficient public transportation system, the first world comforts of working elevators, the Chinese efficiency often mistaken for rudeness. More photos to come.

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