Friday, May 12, 2017

Sweltering heat

THE website was down for a few days. My domain host failed to receive any notices from me that my renewal fee had been paid a day before deadline. But now it’s up and running, and my blog is 13 years old, give or take two months. Thanks for being here. It still amazes me to know that this space here is older than many kids I see in church. They were still being contemplated, while I was already posting selfies, and “selfie” wasn’t a thing yet.

My traffic has markedly gone down after I’ve decided to quit posting links from Facebook, a platform that I’ve long felt to be antithetical to my dreams of living a quiet and peaceful life, what with the many, many things being posted there—namely, people eating in restaurants, political view points I can only disagree with, and a few useful ones, which are the exception rather than the rule. I’ve logged on occasionally to communicate with old friends or to honor my mother’s wishes of checking out the latest about her batch mates from high school.

It is so hot in Manila that I need to hydrate myself once in a while. It’s a good thing I’m at the ICU now, where temperatures are friendlier, and the air-conditioning hasn’t bogged down—not yet. Please, not ever; not in this heat.

Still, we have plenty of reasons to be joyful, like this fun-looking, friendly man I saw inside a café's bathroom.

Such a fun-looking man. Anyone knows who he is?


Blogger Unknown said...

Thankfully, RSS still exists so I know when to drop by and visit. :-)
FB = badlands, G+ = wastelands. I don't visit either often although I have to go to FB for messages since it's the only way I can easily contact some people.

Sun May 14, 01:24:00 PM GMT+8  

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