Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Party 2016

PRAISE be to God for a great time during the seniors' Christmas Party. So much laughter, games, and food.

Seafood paella by Roland Angeles. Paella disarms me all the time.

Christmas Party IMax 2016

Roast chicken by Carlos Cuaño. So tender, juicy, flavorful—best served with a squeeze of lemon.

Christmas Party IMax 2016

And, hands down, one of the best pastas I've tasted: squid-ink noodles smothered with crab fat (alige) by Roland.

Christmas Party IMax 2016

Not in photo: crispy lechon.

After that: a series of crazy games (newspaper dance, trip to Jerusalem, bunong braso) that left us all tired, in a happy kind of way.

I went to residency to train and not to make friends. I guess it's an added bonus that I've made good friends along the way.



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