Sunday, July 24, 2016

Yet another proof that I have a social life—ah, the gift of friends!

Sunset at Roxas Boulevard, Manila

I'M GLAD I have good friends where I work. While I generally prefer solitude after a long day, I do make time to meet up with them after, as if we need catching up at all.

I was with Racquel Bruno, Karen Flores (AKA "PayFloor), Uly Gopez (AKA "Humility and Pogi"), and our favorite couple Alric and Karen Mondragon (soon to be mother of dragons). After dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant, we went to a local coffee shop to study, finish reports, and lounge around. This work session was powered by Mac.


Racquel and Abby Ortal are the two most graceful, lady-like colleagues I have. Here we had burritos at a fast-food along Roxas Boulevard. Not shown here is Danes Guevara, who was parking his car.


I had a blast with the Med Oncology Fellows, my former seniors in Internal Medicine. From left: Ma'am Maddie Amurao-Amante (who thought SM MegaMall was in Quezon City), Jo Lucero, our favorite Kuya Dane Sacdalan, and Sir Kenn Samala. Not shown here is Jay Magbojos, whom I dragged with me. The Spanish food was great. After braving Metro Manila traffic, the paella was worth the wait!



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