Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Journal of Travel Research

LAST NIGHT I lulled myself to sleep by browsing through PubMed, the largest, most comprehensive database of medical literature. I searched for random things, keyed in "funny" as a Boolean free-text search term, and found a case report about a patient, chronically diabetic, who presented with extreme funny-ness. There is a wealth of material there, but it can read like a phone book if one doesn't know what to look for, and how to look for the material desired.

Now, on to the subject of research. Publish or perish still remains the dogma in academic circles, and it's a shame that in our country, the culture of research is still too young, too immature, to even take flight. We must congratulate our local scientists and researchers for keeping at it, despite the lack of support, resources, and encouragement.

If I had the chance to be editor of a scientific paper, with all its perks and pains, I'd probably want to work here: The Journal of Travel Research, which I found at the Singapore National Library. Imagine all the traveling I will do, for the sake of "knowledge." But then again, why write for a scientific journal when one can always do feature articles of magazines? Or maybe work for National Geographic? One of my dream jobs, definitely.




Blogger Unknown said...

Browsing PubMed...Reading does not make me sleepy but this probably has the best chance of lulling me to sleep, unless maybe I'm reading a philosophy journal. That'll probably be worse.

Sat Sep 05, 08:53:00 PM GMT+8  

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