Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The price of procrastination

THE PRICE of procrastination is hard to bear. For more than a year I did not bother updating my OS, when it could've been just as easy as pushing the Update Manager button in my desktop's upper right corner. Why was I so lazy?

My Ubuntu still runs on Natty Narwhal (version 11.04), the desktop support for which expired a year ago. While I blog this I'm running a version upgrade for Oneiric Ocelot (11.10), but imagine my dismay—at myself, more than anyone else, because the Ubuntu community has been nothing but good to me—at hearing the news that version 11.10 has reached its end of life last May. After the upgrade, I will have to do another system update for the crucial long-term support verison, Precise Pangolin (version 12.04 LTS), which will be supported until April 2017. Ideally though, I will have to do more system upgrades until I get to Ubuntu's latest version, Raring Ringtail (13.04). How long that will happen—one, two days?—is something I can't predict, given that my internet connection sometimes runs slower than my brain on a post-duty day.

For now, though, my love for Ubuntu and anything open-source has been rekindled. How will the upgraded OS feel like? Will I finally get the hang of the Unity desktop?

I will have to bump my head against the wall for my lapses, of course, but I'm excited.



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