Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Week 48, 2012: Babies!

THE IDEA of handling kids used to frighten me. On my rotation in Pediatrics, I don't have any other choice but to deal with them—these little people.


I don't just carry babies around, I get blood samples, insert IV lines, and make them cry in the process. In a way it's both harder and easier—harder because they have smaller vessels, so extracting blood is a  big challenge; easier because they can't complain much, and all they can manage to do is cry.

My first week was at the Pedia ER. I was a baby catcher at the nursery on my second week.

THE FOLLOWING are some photos taken during that two-week period.

Friendship begins earlier than we expect. These kids were sharing a crib inside the nursery. Surprisingly they were more quiet when they were together.

week 48, 2012: bestfriends

Our favorite kid at the ER was a case of hydrocephalus.

week 48, 2012: Fave kid on the block

Our residents were gracious and kind. I wondered where all the nice-ness was coming from. For instance, even when a patient was dying or needed an artificial airway—events that would otherwise make people shout in panic—they would instruct us, in the gentlest of voices, "Dear, pahingi naman ng ET tube. Salamat!"

week 48, 2012: Pedia resident

God designed babies to long for their mother's milk minutes after they're born. Here was a kid on his first 30 minutes of life, exhibiting the sucking reflex.

week 48, 2012: Sucking reflex

And here was a baby sucking his mother's milk with so much gusto!

week 48, 2012: Latching on

Some babies were too small, especially this pre-term infant who had tiny feet.

week 48, 2012: At the Pediatric ER.

Finally, a totally unrelated photo: intern Jamie Chua finding a dirty pair of briefs while cleaning the call room on our first day.

week 48, 2012: jamie found black briefs in the call room!

(All photos were taken with permission, except Jamie's).



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your residents definitely exude grace under pressure. :)

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