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Congratulations, UP College of Medicine Class of 2017!

It's this time of year when I'm getting more than the usual number of traffic, mainly referrals from Google. And then it hit me: the list of qualifiers to the UP College of Medicine Class of 2017 is finally up. Here's the list published by UP Medics, the College's official student publication. Congratulations!

I know a couple of names in the roster—a friend's sister, people I once saw loitering around Albert Hall, a former classmate—and I'm happy for them. Clearly it's the start of a new chapter in their lives: more sleepless nights, more studying than they've ever done before.

I wrote To the Freshman of the UP College of Medicine two years ago, and nothing much has changed, I guess. If your name is in this list, that entry might help you. But here's a tip I didn't include, one that can make or break your day—where to eat a hurried one-hour power lunch.

week 5, 2012: Lunch at Chicken Charlie, Adriatico Street, Manila

On where to eat lunch
You may want to allot some money for a hearty lunch, which you will treat yourself with on a daily basis. Most of the time you'll be stuck inside the classroom, listening to lectures that could go on forever, and your lunch break is only the mini-holiday you'll ever have. So maximize it. I suggest you try out the following places, stratified according to budget (I made Php 200 my sealing price; anything above that qualifies as overspending—for a hurried, 1-hour lunch, you probably won't get to savor the food anyway). My friends and I, we know a whole lot more, but they're not with me as I compose this, so I can only write down what I can remember.

Php 40 - 60
  • Dinakdakan, a take-out sisig place along Pedro Gil Street. I almost always order pork sisig when I'm in the area.
  • Mamma Mia, beside St. Paul University. I like how home-cooked the food here tastes like.
  • Rodics, along Padre Faura Street, inside the Office of the University Registrar compound. The tapsilog never disappoints, especially if sprinkled with a dose of vinegar. There's a take-out stall in the area, too, that serves kinilaw—it's mouth-watering.
  • Any food fair inside the College is worth visiting. During short lecture breaks, I drop by to get the siomai (five pieces for Php 25) and the fresh fruit juices. 
  • Pao Tsin, 4/F, Robinsons Place Manila. Cheap Chinese take-out meals come with an extra-serving of rice. I order the fresh buko juice, too.
  • Goldilocks, Ground Floor, Robinsons Place Manila. I like the dinuguan rice meal. 
  • Food Court, Robinsons Place Manila. I go here for a warm serving of anything with sabaw (stew), usually sinigang.
  • Food Area beside the Grocery, Robinsons Place Manila. Try the Mongolian rice meals. You may have to wait for a while, though.
  • The PGH Cafeteria. The place serves my favorite sisig—no kidding. 
Php 70 - 200
  • Midtown Diner, along Padre Faura Street. The pork steak combo meal is my favorite. You may want to try the pasta, as well. Don't bother with the pancakes; they're not as filling. And please look for our favorite waitress, Ate Angel.
  • Chicken Charlie, along Adriatico Street. The chicken pretty much tastes like Bon Chon's, only cheaper. The store has fast and free wireless internet, perfect for last-minute cramming.
  • Wham Burger, 3/F, Midtown, Robinsons Place Manila. Burgers are fresh off the grill. The place isn't to crowded, as well. We used to go here at least twice a week.
  • Aristocrat, 4/F, Robinsons Place Manila. You have got to try the chicken barbecue, served with Java sauce!
  • Max's, 3/F, Robinsons Place Manila. The fried chicken never disappoints, of course.
  • Karate Kid, 3/F, Robinsons Place Manila. Cheap Japanese meals with unlimited rice servings. There's a store connected to it, Manga Burger (or something) that serves fastfood meals as well. We go here because there's not much crowd, even during lunchtime.
  • The usual fast-food places. Among them, Wendy's serves the best tasting iced tea, so there.
  • Recipes, 2/F, Robinsons Place Manila. Try the guising-guising
  • Cha-a, 1/F, Robinsons Place Manila. This is a vegetarian place. I like the barbecues.
  • UPDATED (March 15): FMAB Cafeteria, inside the FMAB. Binalot, the tofu store in the corner, and the store where you can buy chicken lollipops are our favorites.
Any more tips? Please post in Comments.



Blogger mirage said...

Wala nang Mamma Mia, they moved since last year ata. Napalitan ng Nakamura Meals, recommended ang chili chicken. May kasama nang coleslaw and rice, 60 pesos din. Aaagh, nagugutom ako.

-Margie B

Mon Mar 12, 03:44:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger mirage said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Mon Mar 12, 03:45:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Lance said...

Oh my, tagal na rin pala naming hindi kumakain doon! Thanks for the update, Margie Boe!

Tue Mar 13, 06:08:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger jessrosete said...

Thank God I bumped into your blog kuya!
I'm really getting anxious for the opening of classes this June, but this blog (and all its entries) helped me know about UPcm student life. thus, lessened my anxieties.
Hope to hear more of you soon! :)
(i'm really amazed kc besides your very very very busy sched, nakkpag-blog ka pa! Kudos to that!)

p.s. Sana magsulat ka rn about sa mga apartments/dorms na malapit sa UP manila. (or meron na ba naisulat? di ko nakita. hehehe)

Sun Mar 18, 01:56:00 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Lance said...

mikimz, thanks for dropping by! There's no need to be anxious, really—just get as much sleep as you can because you probably won't be enjoying that as much anymore. Hehe.

No, I'm afraid I haven't written about the subject at all. During your freshmen orientation, I suggest you aggressively ask around. Around that time, marami ng posters ang nakapaskil tungkol re apartments/condos/houses.

Sun Mar 18, 06:55:00 AM GMT+8  
Blogger jessrosete said...

wow! thanks so much kuya for the quick reply! (di ko inexpect un ah). I have searched the worldwideweb na about places near UP Manila..sana available pang mga un. :) uhm..

any tips on how to survive UPCM? :D
or on how to survive manila? lol
*probinsyana kc ako, kaya takot ako sa magulong city. ha-ha!*

I do have a LOT of questions in mind kuya; but I know I won't find out the answers until I set foot there.. and EXPERIENCE. :)

Still, i'd welcome any survival tips from someone experienced such as you. =D

Wed Mar 21, 12:30:00 AM GMT+8  

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