Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week 5, 2012: Meetings

We had the second week of our Rheumatology-Orthopedics-Rehabilitation Medicine rotation. This was taken during the case conference, where Krushna Canlas discussed avascular necrosis.

week 5, 2012: Orthopedics Plenary

We launched our Bible Study Workshop in Agape Christian Fellowship, with Jana Mier introducing the OIA method—observation, interpretation, and application. This will continue for the next three weeks. Please pray that the Lord would use this to deepen our understanding of His timeless Word. If you'd like to join us, feel free to visit on Tuesdays.

week 5, 2012: Agape Bible Study Workshop, MSC Office, MSU 2/F, UP Manila

Early morning breakfast at McDonald's, UN Avenue cor. Taft Ave. There's nothing quite like a good breakfast to perk me up in the morning.

week 5, 2012: Breakfast, 7 am, McDonald's, UN Avenue, Manila

Lunch with the guys at Chicken Charlie along Adriatico Street. Since its opening about a year ago, this has been a major lunch destination by the gang.

week 5, 2012: Lunch at Chicken Charlie, Adriatico Street, Manila

Calderon Hall, UP College of Medicine. Note the ghostly portrait of the walking lady.

week 5, 2012: Calderon Hall, UP College of Medicine

Early morning snacks (at 2 AM!) at Suzhou Chinese Restaurant along Mabini Street. I ate my first xiao long bao (小笼馒头) here.

week 5, 2012: Snacks at 2 am, Suzhou, Mabini Street, Manila

The view from my balcony, taken just this afternoon.

week 5, 2012: View from balcony, 2:29 PM



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