Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011 in Photos

I have poor memory. No, really. In a sense, this explains my visceral need to keep a diary, an online journal, an organizer, to write both significant and random things down on paper. Who is it who said than pen and paper are better than the sharpest memory?

Now that my Week in Photos Project is over—and let me say I enjoyed the challenge of taking seven pictures a week, even if I started rather late in 2011—I find fulfilment at seeing all the cameraphone photos I took. Not that I think they're exceptional, but that they have in some way captured the fleeting moments of the year . . . moments that would otherwise have been buried in the floating annals of forgetfulness. Not only once did I feel like quitting this project, but I'm thankful I persevered to the end.

Photography fascinates me. My wish is to someday own a huge, heavy camera with lenses that are meters long. But the Lord only gave me a humble one-megapixel cameraphone, and I couldn't complain: it has done the trick.

Together let's look back at the year that was. I picked my favorite photos in the Project, arranged according to theme.

Medical school

1. View from my building's rooftop, showing the Philippine General Hospital where I'm currently training.

week 12-6 (hospital)

2. Panoramic shot of my classmates during break. Taken at the 1972 Theater in Calderon Hall.

week 25 (break time)

3. Migz Catangui and I are sharing a pata during our suturing drills in Surgery.

week 31 (suturing)

4. A pharmacist prepares chemotherapy drugs for cancer patients. Taken at the Cancer Institute, UP-PGH.

week 33 (chemo prep)

5. Bon Buno drifts to sleep while studying for an exam. Taken at the Medicine Library.

week 12-2 (bon)


1. Trees at the CCP Complex. Taken during the Aliwan Festival.

week 15-3 (twigs)

2. A man tries to catch fish at Manila Bay.

week 13-5 (magsaysay)

3. The huge Christmas tree at Rizal Park, Manila.

week 43 (early Christmas)

4. The Old Senate Building inside the National Museum is being renovated.

week 39

5. Colors at the CCP Complex during the Aliwan Festival.

week 15-7 (bunting)


1. An empty basketball court, with old trees in the perimeter. Taken in Cavite.

week 14-6 (court)

2. A log of wood. Taken in Camp Jabez, Cavite.

week 14-3 (annulus)

3. Kalachuchi flowers, taken inside the UP Manila Campus.

week 13-1 (lines)

4. An old tree stands in front of Jade Vine Restaurant along U.N. Avenue.

week 43

5. View of Rizal Park from the National Museum.

week 39


1. Cinnamon for breakfast.

week 15-4 (cinnamon)

2. All-American breakfast served at Midtown Diner, Padre Faura Street, Ermita, Manila.

week 29 (toast)

3. Some random illustration I'm fascinated with.

week 40

4. Green-tea flavored pastry at Binondo, Manila.

week 35 (pastries)

5. Fresh catch. Taken at Dampa along Macapagal Boulevard.

week 16-6 (fish)


1. The Round Ball marks the center of the city.

Week 18-4 (roundball)

2. Indoor plants at home.

week 17-4 (caged)

3. Taken at The Farm, operated and maintained by the owners of Ace Commercial, the local department store.

week 23-1 (symmetry)

4. The Catholic Church along Alunan Avenue.

week 19-5 (catholic church)

5. Tropical garden at The Farm. Taken during the Bocobos' visit.

week 23-7 (pond)

The Week in Photos Project continues in 2012.

Thanks so much for reading. 



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